File deposit

Please click the desired mode below for instructions. Our returns are sent electronically and come with the best warranty in the industry!

To ensure you maximize all tax savings, choose this method.

The steps for the smart drop

  1. You let our smart wizard guide you. (You can file your Canadian and American return at the same time.)
Submit all your documents at once without using our SMART wizard. We perform document validations manually (additional fees apply) and will send you an estimate with a request for payment. Use this deposit method only if you are not eligible for smart deposit.

The steps for the manual drop

  1. Download and complete the identification questionnaires in pdf format (Canadian and/or American depending on the case)
  2. Go through the list of documents to provide, assemble the required documents.
  3. Complete the additional questionnaires if necessary.
  4. Submit all these documents at once in our secure portal.
Please note that an additional fee of $100 per return is added because we must validate the files manually.