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Effisca offers you different ways – simple and fast – to drop your tax file. Please click the desired mode below for instructions. Our returns are sent electronically and come with the best warranty in the industry!

The steps

  1. Click on one of the buttons on the right to go to the appropriate platform (CAN or US).
  2. Check your eligibility to file the chosen return.
  3. Answer the online questionnaires.
  4. Upload the requested documents.
  5. A tax expert prepares your return from the documents received.
  6. Your declaration is sent to you online.
  7. Sign and upload the authorizations so that we can pass it on to the government.

Canadian tax return

American tax return

The steps

Please note that to be entitled to substantial discounts, you must submit your file on our online platform and not by email. Since the Virtual drop™ requires less intervention on our part, we pass the savings on to you!

  1. Download and complete the general questionnaire and the list of documents to bring (on the same pdf document). Click here to see the list of forms.
  2. Don’t forget to sign the list so that we can process your file.
  3. Browse the documents to provide on the list, assemble the required documents and fill in the additional forms required by your situation.
  1. Send the questionnaires, documents and information by email at the following address:
  2. We will contact you shortly after to confirm that the file is complete, list the missing documents if any and give you an appointment if required.

The forms