The team

The cabinet

Effisca is the sister company of Impôts ici !, an accounting services firm which has been serving individuals and small businesses in Greater Montreal for over 20 years. Having developed specialized expertise over the years at Impôts ici ! the president of the company had the idea of splitting the accounting and specialty tax services in 2020. This is how Effisca Taxation, a tax firm specializing in Canadian, US, and international taxation, was born in 2021. Effisca aims to be a single point of service for individuals and businesses.

Effisca can count on a team of tax experts who have several decades of experience in large accounting offices. Effisca brings together tax experts and professional tax technicians who all have customer satisfaction at heart.

Our mission

With the mission of providing peace of mind to its clients while maximizing their tax savings, Effisca sets itself apart through a human approach, centered on the needs of its clients.

Our values


We are committed to professionalism in our work and in our interactions with clients. We achieve this by recruiting competent employees who have all the technical skills necessary to carry out their work, by respecting the procedures and standards in place, and through a professional attitude. We rely on the continuous training of our employees to achieve the highest level of professionalism and competence.


We ensure our customers’ satisfaction by offering them prompt and professional support, following a clear and unambiguous process, respecting the advertised pricing, guaranteeing a compliant result within the promised deadlines, and offering relevant advice and answers to their questions. Employee satisfaction depends on respect for people and their ideas, daily appreciation, fair compensation, varied and stimulating tasks, and social benefits that provide them with a real quality of life.


We believe that happy employees serve their customers better. By organizing team-building activities, celebrating birthdays and holidays, promoting a caring attitude among our leaders, and cultivating a pleasant and friendly atmosphere, where laughter is strongly encouraged—and shared—we promote enjoyment at work.


Many questions are associated with taxation and the work of the tax expert. Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

What does a tax expert do?

A tax expert is the ultimate tax professional— someone who possesses the most in-depth knowledge of tax laws. They are like your lawyer for tax matters. The tax expert will help you with your tax returns but will also be able to support your accountant with more complex files. The tax expert has specifically dedicated their career to high-level taxation and has reached the highest possible academic level.

What is the difference between an accountant and a tax expert?

An accountant has training in several subjects, including accounting and taxation, while the tax expert only specializes in taxation. The role of an accountant working in taxation is predominantly in compliance, while the tax expert will propose strategies and planning that will optimize tax savings. Each of these professionals has a role to play, and it is not uncommon for them to oversee different aspects of the same file.

How much does a tax expert cost?

An experienced tax expert invoices their time, either as a fixed price or at an hourly rate. In our opinion, a tax professional saves clients a lot more in taxes compared to the cost of their service, so it usually pays to do business with a tax professional!

Is it necessary to work with a tax expert?

In most complex cases, a tax expert is the right option for you. A tax expert succeeds where others fail, identifying the tax savings or perfect strategy for your situation. If in doubt, do not hesitate to contact us; we can inform you whether your case requires a tax specialist.