International tax services

Our experienced tax specialists provide you with the benefit of their high level of expertise in international taxation.

Personal income tax returns

We support you in completing the various forms necessary if you have just immigrated to Canada or emigrated from Canada, and if you do not reside in Canada but hold foreign property there or have income from Canadian sources.

Our services include:

  • Canadian emigration and immigration
  • Rental (Section 216) and board (Section 217) income for non-residents of Canada
  • International income declared in Canada
  • Calculation of foreign tax credits
  • Miscellaneous tax forms such as T1134, T1135, T1161, T1243, T1244
  • Sale of an immovable by a non-resident: certificate of disposition (Section 116)
  • Rental income compliance for non-residents (NR4, NR6, etc.)

Corporate tax compliance

Our job is to support non-resident companies doing business in Canada by maximizing their tax savings.

Our services include:

Income tax return for non-resident companies (T2)

Tax consultation

Whatever your questions about international taxation, our job is to give you the right information, according to your situation. 

Our experienced tax experts can answer your questions about:

  • Canadian emigration and immigration
  • Real estate taxation, including the structure of ownership of real estate
  • Employers' obligations toward employees outside Canada, including
    forms NR301, NR302, NR303, NR4, Reg. 102, Reg. 105, etc.
  • Payments to non-residents, including Part XIII tax
  • Deployment of employees outside of Canada and employers' obligations
  • Analysis of tax treaties
  • Transferring 401 (k) and IRAs to Canada
  • Holding Roth-IRAs in Canada

Do you want more peace of mind and to maximize your tax savings? Ask a member of our team today!