Domestic and foreign taxes

Effisca, the expertise of a large office in an independent tax firm with a human dimension. Tax optimization guaranteed.

Our services

Our services

Canadian taxation

We contribute to the financial health of individuals and businesses at home by taking care of all their Canadian tax needs.

US taxation

We offer a full range of US tax services to make life easier for our clients. We know US taxes!

International taxation

We support our clients in the complex maze of international taxation. Our tips will help you see things more clearly!

Our firm

We are a firm specializing in taxation that aims to be a single point of service, for both individuals and businesses. Our mission is to provide peace of mind to our clients and maximize their tax savings through our expertise in Canadian, US, and international taxation. Our team is made up of tax specialists and experienced tax technicians who all have customer satisfaction at heart.


Our tax experts offer you the benefit of their expertise in Canadian, US, and international taxation, so that you are better equipped for individual and corporate taxation, here and abroad.

Obligations of American citizens living in Canada

Are you an American citizen living in Canada? Would you like to know the tax implications of having US citizenship despite having left the United States several years ago? This text is for you!

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