Canadian taxation

As we know, the tax laws and regulations of Canada and its provinces are constantly changing. It is our job to stay abreast of new developments and to know how to adapt quickly to these changes. Our experienced tax specialists offer you peace of mind by taking care of all your Canadian tax needs. Whether it is for a tax return (individual or corporate); the sale, purchase, or start of a business; the compensation of shareholders and officers; or estate planning, we maximize your tax savings.

US taxation

Are you a US citizen residing in Canada, or a Canadian with income from US sources? Do you live in the United States or plan to move there? Do you want to do business in the USA? Proper planning will save you a lot of headaches and thousands of dollars. We offer a wide range of services, from planning to paperwork such as tax returns. Our team is able to support you based on our decades of experience, whatever your situation. US taxation holds no mystery for us.

International taxation

Whether you have just immigrated to Canada, are a non-resident who holds foreign property in Canada, a non-resident who receives income from Canada, or are thinking of relocating your activities internationally, your tax situation requires the support of an expert. Our seasoned tax experts have a high level of expertise in international taxation. They will know how to advise you.