Canadian tax services

We give you peace of mind by taking care of all your Canadian taxation needs.

Personal income tax returns

The most complicated personal income tax returns (T1) are no mystery to us. Entrust your tax reports to our tax experts and have a simple, smooth experience, while maximizing your tax gains!

Corporate income tax returns

Corporate income tax returns (T2) can sometimes be complex. Make sure you are compliant and take advantage of all the tax exemptions to which you are entitled. This service includes annual compensation tax planning. Our advice makes all the difference.

Tax consultation

Real estate taxation

What is the best structure when buying buildings? How best to manage
multiple real estate purchases? How to minimize taxes when selling real estate? We have the answers to these questions, and more!

Sale, purchases, and business start-up

Should I incorporate? How can I maximize the sale of my business to
minimize the payable taxes? What steps are crucial when starting a business? With our experienced tax experts, you will be well supported!

Death, succession, planning

Our condolences. In these difficult times, we will be by your side and guide you through the complex tax procedures while ensuring that the tax impacts are minimized. Still alive? Our planning advice will allow you to leave as much of your property as possible to your heirs and not to taxes!

Compensation of shareholders-managers

Wages or dividends, that is the question! But there is more. A compensation method involves a holistic view of retirement, encompasses the future sale of the business, maximizes social programs, and more! We will develop a tailor-made plan adapted to your needs in the short, medium, and long term.

Corporate reorganization, turnover, capital dividends

Management company and trusts can be hard to navigate without the
advice of a tax specialist! These complex concepts are critical and will save you hundreds of thousands of dollars. We simplify these concepts for you and support you in the progress of your business.

Voluntary disclosure

Regularization of omissions of declarations without penalties. A little oversight? A big oversight? No problem! We have solutions to regularize your situation without astronomical penalties. We’ll help you get the right programs for your situation. This will give you peace of mind.

Objection, government verification

Representation in case of disagreement, litigation, or tax audit. Disagree? It often happens when the government audits taxpayers. Make sure you are well represented to assert your rights in a sometimes unfair fight with the workings of government. We know how things function in depth and are able to put the odds in your favour.

Do you want more peace of mind and to maximize your tax savings? Ask a member of our team today!