Personal income tax returns

The most complicated personal income tax returns (T1) are no mystery to us. Entrust your tax reports to our tax experts and have a simple, smooth experience, while maximizing your tax gains!

Corporate income tax returns

Corporate income tax returns (T2) can sometimes be complex. Make sure you are compliant and take advantage of all the tax exemptions to which you are entitled. This service includes annual compensation tax planning. Our advice makes all the difference.

Tax consultation

Real estate taxation

What is the best structure to buy real estate? How to optimally manage multiple real estate purchases? How to minimize taxes when selling real estate? We have the answers to these questions, and more!

Corporate taxation

Should I incorporate? What steps are crucial when setting up a business? Which corporate structure is optimal? Do I need a management company? Should I pay myself a salary or a dividend? With our experienced tax specialists, you will be well supported!

General taxation

Thinking of selling investments, taking a year off or you are going through a separation and want advice on the tax implications of your decisions? The government is auditing you and you would like (and you should) be accompanied? Want help calculating the optimal amount of RRSPs to contribute? All these questions will have a clear answer with our tax experts.

Voluntary disclosure

Regularization of omissions of declarations without penalties. A little oversight? A big oversight? No problem! We have solutions to regularize your situation without astronomical penalties. We’ll help you get the right programs for your situation. This will give you peace of mind.

New to Canada, I had considered preparing Canadian and US tax returns myself using software. But I quickly realized that I had no idea what I was doing at all. Effisca completed the declarations on short notice and before all deadlines. It was a great relief.

— Kimberly Hawthorne

How to make a complex tax return simple? Effisca.
Excellent service, clear process and expectations for an efficient result.
Everything is done 100% online without any problems.

— Henri Trouillard

I have been doing business with their team for over 10 years. My tax reports are extremely complex due to my work in the United States and Canada. A mix of freelance, employee, Canadian and US taxes. I have never had a single claim error to date. Everything seems so easy for them.

— David Boisvert

I called on the Effisca team to create the corporate structure for my business. With their dedication, in-depth tax expertise and quick-wittedness, I was particularly satisfied with the services rendered.

— Sevgi Kelci

The Effisca team has been doing my taxes for years and seems to fully appreciate the challenge of managing the interplay between the taxes of three different countries. There have been tax audits but the government has always ended up agreeing with Effisca.

— Brian White

I highly recommend the services of Effisca, especially Mr. Olivier Custeau. He was efficient, available and attentive, and helped me demystify my problem of having to file my US taxes as a resident of Quebec. Thanks again for everything!

— Christine Geffroy

I have been doing business with their team for 8 years. I have always been very satisfied with their professionalism, ethics and efficiency. I have no hesitation in recommending Effisca to friends and colleagues.

— Olga Navarro-Flores

Objection, government verification

Representation in case of disagreement, litigation, or tax audit. Disagree? It often happens when the government audits taxpayers. Make sure you are well represented to assert your rights in a sometimes unfair fight with the workings of government. We know how things function in depth and are able to put the odds in your favour.