Effisca est un cabinet offrant des services spécialisés en fiscalité canadienne, américaine et internationale pour les particuliers et les entreprises. L’entreprise offre un fort potentiel de croissance. Possibilité de participer à l’actionnariat à moyen terme. Nos valeurs sont le professionnalisme, la satisfaction des clients/employés, ainsi que le plaisir.

Job description

Reporting to the president, the manager oversees all activities of his branch. As part of the management team, he promotes the mission, goals and values of the company. More specifically, he will have to:

  • Coordinating human resources to ensure efficient and productive planning;
  • Directing resources according to work demand to adequately meet clients needs;
  • Supervising employees of the branch according to internal policies;
  • Evaluating employees annually;
  • Managing more complex customer files and monitoring customer satisfaction;
  • Supporting all employees in carrying out their tasks;
  • Participating in management meetings with the president;
  • Providing support for the development of the company’s strategic directions;
  • Operationalizing actions resulting from strategic planning.

Required profile

  • Diploma and management experience, an asset
  • Between 5 and 10 years of experience in an accounting firm and in team management
  • Ability to manage a team and make decisions in problematic and conflict resolution situations
  • Team spirit, ability to manage several files at the same time and great efficiency in the management of his tasks
  • Sens of organization and planning; excellent priority management
  • Bilingualism (oral and written)

What we offer

  • Better overall compensation than large offices
  • 100% teleworking position (except for corporate social activities)
  • Flexible hours and possibility of working 4 or 5 days/week
  • All hours paid
  • Group RRSP, comprehensive group insurance and unlimited telemedicine
  • Professional contributions paid
  • Annual continuing training budget