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Does the W-8BEN form has to be completed annually?

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Hello Mr. Godbout,

You helped me with documents to work with my clients in the United States.

I am about to work with clients in the United States again (work is done from Canada) as a self-employed person. I wanted to make sure that I only had to fill out the W-8BEN form again every year.

Thank you.

Louis-Martin T.


Hello Mr. T.,

I hope you’re doing well. I remember you, it goes back a few years!

To answer your question, you must have a recent w8-ben form to provide to your U.S. payer so that they can not withhold US tax.

Without this form, the payer must withhold 30% of the amounts they pay you because you are not an American person (see definition of an American person).

If a payer asks you for the w8-ben, you must provide them with a recent version. You need to make sure that the version is the most recent and that the information is up to date.

If in doubt, you can task us to revise the document or prepare it for you.

All very best!

Nicolas Godbout