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New Canada Housing Benefit

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The C.R.A. (Canada Revenue Agency) has started receiving applications for the one-time supplement to the Canada Housing Benefit program since December 2022. This benefit provides a tax-free payment of $500 to approximately 1.8 million low-income renters.

This supplement is available to taxpayers who have an adjusted net income of $20,000 or less for Canadian individuals, or $35,000 or less for families, and who have paid at least 30% of their adjusted family net income in rent during the 2022 calendar year. These persons must have paid at least 30% of their net famillial income in rent for 2022.

Applicants must be tax resident in Canada and be at least 15 years old and have a principal residence in Canada on December 1, 2022. Note that the expression “having a principal residence” refers to a place where you normally live and pay rent.

Requests can now be submitted through the CRA’s “My Account” platform. The deadline to submit your application is March 31, 2023.

For more information and to make a request, visit the CRA or consult our tax experts!